Rugby Players Frank Wanyama and Alex Mahaga today appeared in court for the hearing of their sentence over the rape of  Wendy Kemunto in February 2018.

The prosecution team wants the two sentenced to 15 years imprisonment or even go as far as life imprisonment.

The 15 years imprisonment will be a lesson to the youth.

It is high the rape is declared a national disaster.
It will send a message to the youth that it is not cool to take advantage of another because of gender.

From Rugby players to MP’s, here are celebs accused of rape in the past

Speaking during the court proceedings the defense team pleaded with the court to consider the duo and give them a non custodial sentence.

Its been tough time for them.

They have not participated in a single match,They have endured all manner of public humiliation.

The two rugby players have already been discontinued from school,they have not been allowed to participate in a single rugby game.

Kenyan rugby players accused of raping Wendy Kemunto found guilty

Frank Wanyama and Alex Mahaga

The defense is asking that the court consider the fact that the duo has faced public ridicule since they were charged with sexually assaulting a musician in February last year.

The case is still ongoing and the sentence will be made on 16th August 2019. The two players will remain in custody until then.

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