When Vanessa came to Kenya for her album launch, we were all pretty excited especially given the fact that she came with her then ex, Juma Jux. Other than that excitement, we were happy she was pregnant -or so we thought. A picture of her in her stunning blue dress was taken which showed a bump.


The rumors started circulating very fast and we knew the two will be parents soon. Vanessa did not address the rumors here in Kenya but as she was doing her media tours in Tanzania, many media houses got the opportunity to ask Vanessa whats popping? Literally.

Vanessa Mdee
Vanessa Mdee

In an interview with Utamu TV on the Mboni Show, she made it clear that she was just very full. She had eaten a lot of Pilau as it was her day. Vanessa refutes the claim loudly saying that she is not yet expectant but did not say when if ever she will get pregnant.

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kweli? au? bado sidhani. nilikuwa nimeshibda nilikuwa nimekula pilau. icha ilichukuliwa na publicist kwa hivyo hawezi weka picha ambayp itanidhuru kwani  ni yeye atajibu mashtaka na wajua hizi fashion za bodycon zabana sana na nilikuwa nimeshiba!