Tanasha and Diamond

Things are heating up for Hamisa Mobetto after she was spotted hanging out with someone else’s man, Diamond Platmunz.

The news of the two exes cruising in Diamond’s ride over the weekend has been the talk of the town.

Netizens cannot stop talking.

Hamisa addresses her ‘friendship’ with Diamond after being spotted together

Hamisa MobettoIt got so bad that Hamisa had to clear her name. In a radio interview, Hamisa said,

“It will be very hard to respond to everyone who writes about my supposed reunion with Diamond. At the end of the day, anyone with a phone can post anything.”

Hamisa pointed out,

“What I can say is niko single, I’m very much single, I’m happy being single. I’m not in any relationship.”

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HamisaAddressing Tanasha and anyone else who thinks she is trying to snatch Diamond away, Hamisa added,

“There is no man who is attached to another woman that I desire or want! I’m very happy. What I can say is, I’m single and I cannot keep on responding to claims that one person starts spreading around.”

She continued,

“I have a life and I love my privacy. I also love my life very much and everything about my life. That said, I can’t fall apart every time someone, or two people, or three people decide to publish a story about me.”

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