Hamisa Mobetto
Hamisa Mobetto .photo credit: instagram/hamissa_mobeto

Most socialites here in Kenya always start as ratchet women then suddenly grow a business that helps them sustain their lifestyle.

From the likes of Vera and Huddah who now has a whole line of makeup from lipstick to eyeshadow to even wipes. Something common about them is they tend to incorporate the name ‘boss lady’, after making a few shillings why though?

Vera SidikaAnyway, so Hamisa became a constant mention when we found out she was pregnant for the boy from Tandale, Diamond Platinumz. I mean how could she? With Zari, another boss lady, in the picture.

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So she joined the socialite crew and gave birth to a very beautiful baby boy and because of all the hate and the fact that she probably might not be satisfied by diamonds money, she decided to venture into business.

She now has a lipstick line with a variety of colours in matte. She has tapped into the right market because the girl child must look good and matte works best for them.

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Here are images of the brands of her lipstick: