Zari Hassan vs Diamond Platnumz vs Hamisa Mobetto

Diamond Platnumz, Zari Hassan and Hamisa Mobetto. When it comes to these Tanzanian stars, the drama around them looms in the air like an Aura. And boy is it entertaining.

Zari Hassan had attacked both Diamond and Hamisa Mobetto first warning her man of dire consequences if he ever attempted to be a deadbeat dad to their children telling him the next man would cater to them.

Zari Hassan

Hamisa’s case against Diamond was to be heard on the 9th of November and Zari wanted both her man and his side piece to know things are not going to play out in their favour if they piss her off. Zari also essentially called Hamisa Mobetto a broke bum.

Well, Hamisa hasn’t taken too kindly to Zari’s harsh words (only a fool would have expected her to).

And Hamisa Mobetto’s retort saw her dredge up Zari Hassan’s dead ex-husband! Aye, Hamisa went thereby!  She brought up the dead -no Lazarus!

“Some woman who had to claim her dead husband was still alive because she needed enough time to flex for what to use to bring her children up, is not ashamed to call another a b***** and tell her to wait for the next man to take up the responsibility?”