Hamisa Mobetto

Hamisa Mobetto and Diamond share a sordid past, what with an affair that should have ended his marriage with Zari. The illicit liaison with “the other woman” resulted in a baby boy named Abdhul Naseeb, an innocent victim in the transgressions of his amorous father and his ambitious mother.

As you would well expect, the sins of Diamond resulted in Zari dumping his playboy a** faster than one can fart. But this was while his child support proceedings were going on.

Prince Naseeb
Abdhul Naseeb

Most child support and child custody affairs are fraught with hostility and bad blood. What has amazed many is that even after this child-support proceedings, Hamisa still seems to be under the snare of the honourable Chibu.
Hamisa Mobetto

Why? She has just purchased his recently released album, “The Boy From Tandale”. Methinks that this is a devious and very smart ploy to get in the good graces of arguably East Africa’s most successful artist.

Diamond Platnumz' album launch

See, Diamond’s personal life may be a shambles but his professional life is doing just fine. He was in Kenya the past two weeks and according to unconfirmed reports he did well for himself pocket-wise.

Hamisa Mobetto

Money at the end of the day is a precious resource, one that Diamond has, one that many women lack and desire. Hamisa is one such woman. Why shouldn’t she be allowed to throw her hat into the ring. Which ring is that? The royal rumble for Diamond’s heart (ahhh money!).

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