Hamisa has been abroad in the United States for the last few weeks. She has been working and touring the country meeting fans and still enjoying herself.

Hamisa Mobetto

And she seems to be finding(my cynical side says its all a ruse) love Stateside. The former beauty queen and now socialite has been enthralled with East Africa’s biggest musician Diamond for the longest time.

Hamisa and Diamond
Hamisa and Diamond at a past function

The two have broken up and made up several times but it seems the relationship finally ended after Diamond claimed that she had gone to a Mrogi to get him enchanted with her.

Diamond Platnumz amd Hamisa Mobetto's son
Diamond Platnumz amd Hamisa Mobetto’s son

A claim that she refuted. And after the fall-out from that nasty business, it seems that the beauty has finally found love in another man’s arms. Muscular arms to be precise. She even recently showed off a photo of the tattooed man in one of her Instastories.

Hamisa Mobetto
Her new man?

Whoever thought that that would be the end of us seeing the new man had something else coming as new clips of the couple together in Las Vegas(also known as Sin City) emerged.


The two are seen strolling in the town hand in hand. Hamisa is seen smiling like a little girl and she looks like she might be falling in love. F that! I am joking, she just looks happy to be around such an attractive man. I know I am hating!

Image result for haters gif

Check out the video below of the sauntering around in Sin City:

Watch Hamisa Mobeto's new bae carry her around Las Vegas

Watch Hamisa Mobeto's new bae carry her around Las Vegas

Posted by Mpasho News on Thursday, November 8, 2018

What do you guys think of the love the two share? Is it real or just for the cameras?

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