Zari Hassan vs Diamond Platnumz vs Hamisa Mobetto

Diamond Platnumz wife Zari and baby Hamisa don’t see eye to eye. The two mothers, who can’t stand each other, have been attacking each other on social media and soon, we might be treated to a free wrestling match if their beef doesn’t end.

Zari vs Hamisa Mobeto

On 21st December, Zari and Hamisa hosted two different events in Kampala Uganda and the mother of five brought the city to a standstill compared to her ‘co-wife’s’ which was a flop.

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Zari took to social media to thank her followers for supporting her and she wrote;

“There’s a difference between a mosquito and an elephant…Blessings on blessings. Thank you God.”

This did not go well with Hamisa who clapped back at Zari claiming she (mosquito) was a small insect but very dangerous.

“Tembo hana madhara sana kwa binadamu ila mbu. Kila siku watu wanalazwa. Mbu ni hatari sana kwa maisha yako. Fungeni vyandarua,” Hamisa wrote

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Zari and Mobeto have since then been mocking and insulting other on social media and the mother of two went overboard and compared her son’s big foot to that of Zari’s claiming that he had inherited it from his stepmother.

“Miezi 4 Tunakaa jamani Alhamdullilah @officialprinceabdul ❤️
….. Msijali Kwa wale maskin Wenzangu pamba kali kabisa za watoto unazipata Kwa @sweetlorah .
Ila dully umerithi mguu kutoka Kwa mama ako mkubwa jamani 🤣🙌🏾”

 Zari on the other hand, in an interview with Millardayo, revealed that Hamisa’s son was a mistake that should never have happened. She also said that she doesn’t hate her step-son.
 “That kid came here as a mistake and I can’t pretend that I hate him or he wronged me in any way. His parents (Hamisa Mobeto and Diamond Platnumz) were aware that what they were doing was wrong but they still went ahead and had the baby together,” Zari said.