Hamisa Mobetto and Josh Adeyeye

Hamisa has been going around the United States and she has been doing so in the company of a very handsome man.
Josh Adeyeye

The blogs have theorized, the internets have gone crazy wondering which man could be filling the big shoes Diamond left behind with his baby mama.

Josh Adeyeye

Well, the new man not only fills the shoes, he utterly destroys them. The new man in the Tanzanian socialite’s life is called Josh Adeyeye.

Josh Adeyeye

The man is tall, yaani like our South Sudanese brothers type of tall! He is 6 foot 5 inches and he would easily tower over the Tanzanian rapper.

Diamond Platnumz


He was born in Jacksonville, USA and is 25 years old. The light-skin brother is a basketballer who plays for the J-League.

Hamisa, the mother of two was heartbroken after her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz unceremoniously dumped her in August 2018 but she has moved on very quickly.

Josh Adeyeye

Diamond left Hamisa after accusing her of using witchcraft to lure him into marriage, this after a recording of Mobeto consulting a witch-doctor surfaced online.


Three months after the bitter breakup, Hamisa Mobeto scored herself an American boyfriend. The Tanzanian fashionista recently introduced her new man to her fans on social media.

Josh Adeyeye

Mobeto has been seen getting down to some serious public displays of affection with her new sweetheart at a hotel in Las Vegas, US. He recently carried her around like a baby and she was all giggles.

Diamond ashai fanya hivi? Hamisa Mobeto’s new bae carries her around Las Vegas (video)

She is still in the US and it seems she can’t get enough of her new boyfriend.

Josh Adeyeye

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