The beauty looking glorious

After Diamond jetted off and left Tanasha Donna all alone to launch her EP, eyebrows were raised.

This is especially because Tanasha postponed her event from December to February to accommodate Diamond’s schedule.

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Yet he did not attend.

Anyhow, that weekend he missed Tanasha’s EP, Diamond was spotted cruising around with his ex, Hamisa Mobetto.

To dispel any rumours, Baba Lao hitmaker’s sister, Esma Platnumz said,

“People keep saying that Hamisa and Diamond are back together, but that is not true. Those are pure lies being peddled.”

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Tanasha DonnaShe also had a word of encouragement for Tanasha saying,

“I beg you Tanasha to continue your relationship with your lover, Diamond, and do it with as much ease as you can master. Be comfortable in the love you two share.”

Now, Hamisa has broken her silence about her “friendship with her ex”,

“You write about love, they say you are just a daydreamer. You write about pain, they say you haven’t healed and you’re seeking sympathy. You become friends with your ex, they say you haven’t moved on.”

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“When you don’t post your hustle they say you are broke, you ignore them, they find a way to slander your name. You write out of love they say the words are directed at someone.”

Hamisa posing/ Instagram

“You post your achievements, they say you are showing off people will always find a way to dim your light…”

Hamisa shares a child with Diamond Platmuz who is currently in a relationship with Kenyan beauty, Tanasha Donna.

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