‘Dear women, do not just gold dig for fluids, my fellow women go for the best, not jokers!, you are carrying premium gold between your legs, look for potential miners, not these Umoinner makangas…”

These are just some of the advice women give each other on different social media pages and chama meetings.

Well, a Kenyan woman has left her fellow female species praising her after she ‘schooled’ them on how to gold dig for assets from the so-called Team Mafisi who like tasting every honey pot they come across. 

In screenshots that are doing rounds on social media, the woman is having a conversation with a white guy who is planning to visit Kenya for the holiday.

The mzungu guy asks her if he is okay with a threesome so that he can tag along with his pal. But the the lass is very ‘smart’. She demands a Range Rover Sport and a house before allowing the man and his friend to taste her goodies.

The man is surprised and replies with a shock emoji and the Kenyan woman goes ahead to tell him off if he can’t meet her demands.

“You think I give frees p*** to a white or black guy? Go to Mombasa and buy cheap p*** from cheap whores.

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Check out the screenshots

Kenyan woman




Kenyan woman

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