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Joe Muchiri

Media personality Joe Muchiri is known for his chauvinistic quips about female personalities and has been called out severally for his inappropriate behaviour.

Read here and here to see how Joe Muchiri uses his social media to perpetuate his chauvinism and belittle women.

Here are some screenshots from his social media showing how he has normalised rape.

Joe Muchiri Joe Muchiri Joe Muchiri Joe Muchiri

Like that was not enough, a few days back he wished rape on a violinist who said she did not plan on voting for Nyashinski.

Media Personality Joe Muchiri Wishes Rape On Violinist Who Refused To Vote For Nyashinski (Leaked Screenshots)

The sad truth about all this is that the filmmaker who called him out on it was removed from the artiste Whatsapp group. The group admins protected Joe Muchiri and retained him as a co-admin.

This all points to the sad reality of how some personalities we all look up to, see nothing wrong with the growing rape culture.

They are normalising rape and trivialising any inappropriate sexual behaviours directed at women and men, that objectifies them.

Joe Muchiri is the same man who took to twitter to defend Esther Passaris after Miguna Miguna made sexually inappropriate utterances live on TV directing them at her.

Joe Muchiri

AMEFUTWA JOB AMA? Standard Group Denies That Jeff Koinange Is Their Employee, After The Miguna – Passaris Rape Comment!

True to his word, Joe Muchiri has threatened a female tweep who called him out on Twitter.

“Watu hu pigwa vibaya uta jua retweet’s sio bodyguard siku hizi sipendi ujinga na Hakuna kitu Nita fanywa. we know people,” Joe Muchiri wrote, adding, “Kuna mtu hapa alikua ame ni zoea until alikanyagwa makende. Haja wai ongea tena. It’s 2017 ku malizwa is real.”

Joe Muchiri Joe Muchiri Joe Muchiri

Joe Muchiri was responding to this tweet.

Joe Muchiri

Here are some reactions…

cindie orenge:‏ This is just crazy….😳😳😳 Such perpetuation of the rape culture is what we are trying to eradicate.

Alice*: Ouwh I still marvel everyday at the company policy of his workplace. He does one horrendous thing after another and still has a job!