Akothee vs Rue Baby

Mapera haianguki mbali na mti! Akothee well known as Madam Boss is one multi-tasker of a lass; a singer, a dancer, a business woman and a mother who can still keep up with her teenage girls. That’s a handful!

Her second-born daughter, Rue baby, seems to be standing out from the rest but there is a problem… The kid seems to be adapting her mother’s publicity-seeking behaviour!

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Akothee with her daughter Rue Baby
Akothee with her daughter Rue Baby

Check this out, you will definitely agree with me:

She posts semi-nude photos and videos

Rue Baby is known for posting risque photos just like mummy dearest.

I guess, she learnt the art of baiting eyeballs on her Instagram just like her mother, Akothee.


She is a staunch feminist

Just like her celebrity mother, Rue Baby seems not to get along with men with some posts showing how much she is independent, thanks to her mother. Even with her independence, she, however, said that she is head over heels in love with Nigeria’s Kiss Daniel and if it is not him, she is not willing to date another.

 “Ever had a celeb crush n yu see him everywea..someone please tell madamboss am crushin on kissdaniel..if i dont date him i dont date at al????????????????crazy”

But now the tune has changed, she seems to be warming up to MCA Tricky.

She is a baby boss

After her mother decided to start calling herself Madam boss, Rue Baby decided that her fans should call her baby boss. Why you ask? Maybe because there is too much mummy’s money to waste. But she also bagged her own endorsement deals without mummy’s help.

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Brags about herself all the time

Forget Akothee’s dogs what she says about her preference to feed them over her friends, her daughter is one hell of a braggart. Few days to her birthday the small lass has been showing off her supposedly sexy self to the world celebrating her mother’s support, maybe another posh car is landing after her sister was gifted one a few years back.

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Very candid

Have you ever seen how Akothee speaks without caring who is hurt? Her daughter seems to have picked that trait too. She is as frank as they can get. If you don’t like what these two have to say, please, call polissss.