They have been making headlines for their  “Prayer Partner” relationship – a word that went viral – I’m talking about singer Bahati and his Bae Diana Marua.

She is beautiful, attractive, a lass who I must admit has a fine sense of fashion…But No, she is not young. Apparently, she is 6 years older than Mtoto Wa Mama, a youngin who is barely 23-years-old.

Miss Marua, the 29-year-old played the role of a bride in Bahati’s Mapenzi song and as they say, the rest is history. Mpasho found out that apart from being her ancestor girlfriend, Bahati has also employed her as his PR and marketing manager. Is it likely this is where all the publicity stunts come from?

Late last year, our very own Uncle Chim Tuna asked Baha about dating an older woman and he would then say he wouldn’t dare do such a thing. They say never say never!

He responded;

“Me ni underage bado…Age inamatter Kwetu Ghettoo…Unazealeta mtu wamatha wa mtaani wamkatae wadai “buda huyu ndo atakula pesa ya mtoto wetu?”…So age inamatter”

It seems, Baha has changed direction and has gone for the love not the numbers!