Emmah and Bahati

We all watched the two dramatic episodes of Being Bahati where the gospel star’s PA, Emmah Lihavi exposed his affair to his wife, Diana Marua.

We lapped up that reality TV dramatic juice like thirsty mongrels.

But we were played, yoh!

Incase you missed it, here you go… Bahati’s manager Emmah was fired for exposing the singer’s dirty laundry to his wife.

Emmah told Diana all the dirty and gritty details of her suspicions. Diana went back home and caused drama like you wouldn’t believe.

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Emmah got fired.

Guys, that was just good TV scripting.

If you look closely at the reality show’s credits, Emmah is the Director of the show, which is close to impossible that she was fired.

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Secondly, the lass still considers herself Bahati’s manager according to her social media pages, where she is quite active.


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Well, the show might be scripted or not but according to to the comments, the “Yays” have it:

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