Size 8 and DJ Mo

Now we are quite sure that if DJ Mo gained some weight there would be serious problems between him and his wife Size 8.


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As we most probably know by now, DJ Mo landed an endorsement deal for a popular bread brand and in the company’s latest advert, a picture of DJ Mo looking visibly fat has been posted on a billboard.

Gospel songstress Size 8 and DK Kwenye beat couldn’t ignore but ganged up on him after he posted this photo on his Instagram page.


DJ Mo’s wife, Size 8 could not help but comment on his ridiculous weight where she mentioned her fellow gospel singer, DK Kwenye Beat who for the past few years has gained unimaginable weight.

Early this year in March, the Sari Sari singer was mocked on social media for his massive weight gain,

dk kwenye beat

This is what Size 8 wrote:

“??????? #dead mwili ni kama ni ya @dkkwenyebeat”

DK also took his time to clap back after Size 8 tagged him in the crazy conversation about Mo’s fat body, saying that he was the one who photoshopped the picture.



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