Aliiptisam a.k.a Sicho has been trolled for all the wrong reasons. From her failed English to her shady makeup and even her nudes.

She still hold her head up.


She has been termed ratchet because of the life she chose in the reality show, Nairobi D. Despite her ratchetness, she has built a brand in dressing celebrities.

‘I only date sponsors! No time for broke men,’ admits Nairobi Diaries Aliiptisam as she calls out Noti Flow

Aliiptisum aka Sicho is not only that, Mpasho learned that she is an amazing mother to such a cute boy.

In the show, she has always been associated with being a deadbeat mother but from our investigation, that is not really true. Or was she doing it for the gram?


She is a mother of a gorgeous boy who has taken after her skin color full blow! Hawezi mkataa.

Watch video’s of her and son enjoying baby’s day out

And kisses to all Instagramers 😘😘😘

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