Princess Tiffah

She broke the internet just two days after her birth. The little angel became popular more than top Kenyan musicians who have been in the music industry for long.

Princess Latiffah popularly known as Tiffah, the daughter of Tanzania’s finest Diamond Platnumz and Ugandan city businesswoman Zari Hassan, stole her parents’ heart on her birth.

Diamond Platnumz And Zari Hassan’s Daughter Breaks The Internet

This little tot has earned both ardent fans and haters for the few months she has been on this earth. I thought you should know more about this royal baby,

Well, below are the five most special things you didn’t know about Tiffah Dangote.

  1. She is the most popular kid in East Africa

Tiffah became a star barely 24 hours after her birth. She gained more followers than some socialites to date. Yaani, she has more followers on Instagram than Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe (they got 1.7 & 1.9m followers respectively) and other ratchet socialites combined. While you are busy boasting about your measly 6k followers, Tiffah has 2.4m followers.


2. She is a rich kid of Instagram

Tiffah landed major deals with top corporates in Tanzania. Despite being born with a silver spoon, Tiffah has amassed more moolah. She has already created a niche for self in her father’s land; she is a brand ambassador of some of the most expensive baby shops in Tanzania also.

3. She is the most stylish kid on Instagram

Just like her parents, Tiffah is also a fashion trendsetter. Her dress code tells it all. The clothes are unique and fashionable. She is always on top of trending or latest clads.

Princess Tiffah


4. The most beautiful tot, you and I know

Tiffah is without a doubt the most beautiful kid around. Not that we are saying other kids are ugly or less adorable but Tiffah’s beauty is just exceptional. Ako level engine; her peer on that level is North Kanye.

5. The most controversial kid in Africa

Ever since Tiffah was born, haters took to social media to spread bile and cast aspersions about Tiffah’s real parent. They claimed she was not Diamond’s kid. However, the power couple proved their haters wrong after they did a highly publicised DNA test which revealed that she was indeed Diamond’s daughter.

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