Tiga Wana, a ‘gospel’ song by Willy Paul and Size 8, has been one of the most controversial songs of 2016!

The singing pair has received tonnes of criticism as their fans continue dismissing and bashing the song as non-gospel.


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However, the two have continued to insist that the song is actually “gospel”.

We caught up with one of Kenya’s top gospel music spin masters, DJ Sadic aka Mix Genius, who spilled the beans on why he is yet to play the Tiga Wana on his popular shows.

The song is now one month since it’s release in November.

“It’s not right for me to talk or address specific songs, but I have my reasons why I have not played Tiga Wana on my shows. What there’s is that my shows appeal to different audiences. However, I have a criteria that a song must meet before I play it on my shows. And I feel Tiga Wana has not met such a criteria, and that’s why it’s yet to feature in my shows,” said Sadic.

We also asked him about his opinion towards yet another equally controversial ‘gospel’ song called NYONYO!!!!

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Sadic, who is the host DJ for KTN’s gospel shows Tukuza and Tendereza, said:

“Like I said, it’s against my principles to address a particular song. It’s better if the artiste talks about it. Whether the song is gospel or not, that’s not for me to say. But I won’t be playing it on my shows also.”

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