This man was sleek. He took his girl on a Valentine’s date and started ‘vibing’ her. He shamelessly told her that he can NEVER cheat on her; he wonders why other men do that to women.

Drama ensued later on.

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You see, his girlfriend had told him about how her pal was going through sh*t since his BF had cheated on him. Jaymo, the man starring in the video decided to act Superman and volunteered to go talk to his fellow man and save the situation.

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When Jaymo’s phone rang, he avoided picking it up, saying that his “fundi” was calling him. The cheater – in character – told his GF that he can’t pick it up because his “fundi” is such a nagging a-hole.

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Unexpectedly, his other side chick popped up to reclaim him. She was MAD that he called her “fundi”. Hahaha! Watch the video below; no more spoilers.