I want to make your Monday – in case you’re bored and aimless – so that you don’t have to to be in a dull mood all day long. Presenters have done weird and funny things on air. Some have proposed on air while others have lost their girlfriends through an on-air call.

In Kenya, one of the most iconic television moments is when Swaleh Mdoe laughed uncontrollably on air while narrating his “Tafakari ya babu” mini-session. This was over 3 years ago but when I watch the clip, I still find it mildly funny and weird.

So, the main question is, what made him laugh so hard at his own joke? I only find it mildly funny. The fact that he took his time to crack up is the funny aspect in the session. Here’s the video;

What other outrageous thing have you heard or seen on air? Let me know by commenting below!