I’ve been saving to go for a vacation in a country far away from Kenya just so that I can put up pictures and videos of KQ’s Boeing 787 legroom on Snapchat and post beautiful morning skyline views from wherever I will be on Instagram, just to show Kenyans that I can also do cool sh*t. Thanks to Photoshop, traveling has never been this cheap and will never be.

Nairobi Ladies Are As Fake As The Chinese Phones Sold At River Road

This particular woman named Eve Gat‘s has clearly been dreaming of travelling to China for a very long time. Unfortunately, she couldn’t make it to the real China, so she decided to go China on us by looking for a good graphics designer to paste her there for a small fee. In all honestly, I must say that the person who did the photoshopping actually tried. 

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The journey started well at JKIA then as everyone who goes to China does; she visited the great wall of China and even learned a few Chinese words which she used as a caption for one of the pictures.

“China… Nice place indeed. 的中文翻譯 | 英漢字典,”she posted on Facebook.

Check out the pictures below and let us know how Chinese you think this trip to China was.