Jacqueline Nyaminde, better known for her role as Wilbroda in Citizen TV’s Papa Shirandula, is one of the most popular and funny actresses locally.

The hilarious TV and radio personality is known for leaving viewers cracked up with her character on the show alongside her TV husband Papa Shirandula and daughter Naliaka.

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What many do not know about Wilbroda is that, off screen she is a very easy going and humble woman. She is a lover of life and likes to interact with people and get involved in fun activities.

She recently shocked many of her fans at an event that she was mceeing in Rongai, when she decided to get down to Kenrazy’s hit-song, ‘Hivyo Ndio Kunaendanga’.

Wilbroda showed off her dancing and twerking skills on stage and got fans screaming her name and cheering her on, despite many thinking that she was an old ‘mshamba’!

Jacqueline Nyaminde aka Wilbroda twerks in public.