H_art The Band

Damn! These lads can’t seem to catch a break anywhere outside a studio!

They were recently involved in a slight tussle with the police when one of their own was accused of smoking a blunt BHANGI and taken to the cells to cool his heels as a guest of the state.
And now, they are involved in a fender bender.

The group which is behind a song I can’t get enough of -“Masheesha” was recently driving around, running errands when their front end kissed the back end of a matatu and that was all she wrote:

“Sasa hizi ndio gani aaarghh!!!”

“Truly, God is our Healer & Our Protector. This morning we got into a grisly accident & we Thank the Lord that none of us got seriously injured but one thing for sure is, for that split second just as we thought it was our last God rescued us & reminded us that truly, if the Lord is With You then nothing can harm you. We maybe in pain but don’t worry, we are OK *sisi ni maninja, we will survive*. Thank you all who put us in your Prayers Daily they keeps us going through our day., may the Lord Bless you”