H_art The Band

H_art The Band is undoubtedly one of the most popular bands in Kenya. The team which comprises of three talented artistes- Skoko Abednego, Mordecai Dex and Kenchez Muya- came into the limelight after releasing their first single ever Uliza Kiatu which became an instant nationwide hit.

With less than two years in the mainstream industry, H_art The Band has won a couple of awards for their outstanding work that is hailed by fans both locally and internationally.H_art The Band

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Today the group decided to share with us inspiring stories about themselves and anyone who loves their must just check them out.

  • Skoko Abednego

#flashback ? @skoko_abednego ? One guy who never misses a smile on his face. Sometimes it's annoying because even though it gets him out of trouble, it gets us into even more trouble most of the time . A POET / SPOKEN-WORD ARTIST who has curved his name in the literature world by telling his own story through words. He always says that coming from one of NAIROBI'S ghetto' – KAYOLE- his Biggest Dream is to paint a brighter picture of the Ghetto as a breeding Ground for talent & He does that perfectly using words each time he is given that chance. @skoko_abednego – THE POET / SPOKEN-WORD ARTIST #KenyanPoetryRevolution #FromKayoleToTheWorld #DreamBelieveAchieve #LiveMusicRevolution #LiveMusicTheH_artWay #teamH_artForever Dressed by @gnm_trends

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  • Mordecai Dex

#flashback ☺ @mordecai_dex ☺ With each passing day, He keeps getting better just like fine wine. It amazes most that @mordecai_dex about 3 years ago he didn't even know he was capable of singing, He was just a budding Nairobi POET known as ASAP- the 42nd Slam Africa King. His poetry skills are well illustrated in our single 'LOVE PHOBIC' now on YouTube . Raised in the Hip-hop city Dandora where crime & youth go hand in hand, he has become an icon of change – A representation of the new generation of youth who stand for peace through Art & Hardwork. Now, a songwriting teacher @sauti_academy, he is mentoring a new breed of talent to take over the Kenyan Music Scene in a Few Years to come #JahBless #KenyanPoetryRevolution #FromDandoraToTheWorld #DreamBelieveAchieve #LiveMusicRevolution #LiveMusicTheH_artWay #teamH_artForever Dressed by @gnm_trends

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  • Kenchez Muya

#flashback ☺ @kenchezmuya ☺ Born to a civil servant Dad he was raised in almost all ghetto' in Nairobi but, his childhood was mostly influenced by EASTLEIGH thus, he mostly identifies with that place. He was first introduced to music by A community project in Eastleigh known as Haba Haba where kids used to go and just learn all about their favourite instrument or art piece, dancing inclusive. This is where his interest for music began, he would just go there after school & just look at other kids having fun. He wasn't part of the project then but just after completing his secondary school studies he knew that his passion was deep into the Arts. He joined an acting group that specialized in Setbooks & spent almost 3years of his life travelling around the Country as a literature teacher. During this time he had picked up an acoustic guitar from a friend who really didn't use it as much. Each time he was called upon to do background tracks for the plays, he used the 4 chords he knew & enjoyed every second. With time he has mastered his craft to become one of the few Kenyan Guitarists with a signature sound. Growing up in the hood he believes he is an agent of change & with his influence on the people that listen to him play he can make a big difference a note / chord at a time #JahBless #KenyanPoetryRevolution #FromEastleighToTheWorld #DreamBelieveAchieve #LiveMusicRevolution #LiveMusicTheH_artWay #teamH_artForever

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