As I type this, I am at my desk at our office in Westlands having my favorite vegetarian meal. It’s a hot day; the sun is blazing outside. I feel lucky because I’m less than a foot a way from the water dispenser.

This is a high octane news room. People rush to get things done. They may seem to be rather calm and collected but their minds are always racing to meet targets and make records. If you ever become a journalist, you’ll relate to this.

Anyways, I recall those days when I used to wish to be in this place. I would work hard day and night to perfect my writing craft. I would do this on a piece of notebook as I did not have a laptop. I would then save up to get my first affordable PC, something which actually changed my life. I did this in 2014 January.

However, it never came easy as I did suffer some setbacks on my saving journey. I didn’t know to balance my spending choices. I only believed that I literally needed to spend all my money on advancing my career. 4 years later, I realized that I was wrong. I should have used a proper financial management plan.

I realized I needed to know my spending habits, not to overspend any single day and invest for my future well being.

Fast forward to 2017, I am more than happy that I can now manage my money even more efficiently, without having to worry about going broke. I’ve got an app on my phone that can help me get a loan, pay for my bills, send money instantly, invest, save more money …the possibilities are endless!!

On top of that, for every transaction, I could win something …just to keep me in their loop! I could get something cool from from Mr. Price, Vivo Active Wear, Java and Uber (Yes, Uber!). These are just among others.

The app is perfect for young people like you and me. The big dreamers! I personally would love to have a big mansion someday and be cruising in Malibu. To get there, I’ve decided that the time to start investing is now.

The best feeling is to enjoy amazing perks while you achieve your dreams!

Join me in the fun and make your own journey! Get to download the CBA Loop app from the Google PlayStore or the Apple store, sign up with very simple steps. All you need is your valid ID information and some bio data.

After signing up, you get to collect your Loop card (which you can use to swipe to pay or withdraw money at any of the Loop stores. You can get them at Yaya, Garden City, Mama Ngina, Sarit centre, The Point BuruBuru and Masai Mall Rongai.

I’m growing and if this touches you, I look forward to seeing you grow! Visit for all the amazing information you need about Loop!

CBA Loop