Controversial South African dance Zodwa Wabantu is no longer making headlines for her provocative dances and itsy-bitsy dresses.

Even her boyfriend knows that he sexy dances are not only for him but for her loyal followers.

“He knows I don’t belong to him, I belong to the People all over the Word. Thank you for always understanding and waiting for me. I love you,” she wrote on her social media pages a while back.

She added, “I have always said that I will stop dancing when I retire but right now I am having fun and trying different things. The more people that know about Zodwa Wabantu overseas the better,” she said.

That said, this time Zodwa is the talk of town because she has broken the internet by shopping for a coffin.

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The dancer who made her name thanks to her provocative dancing in skimpy clothing was seen inquiring about a coffin and later trying it for size and comfort.

“Can I feel it (the coffin)” Zodwa asks before being given the go-ahead.

Speaking to South African press, Zodwa said that she doesn’t want her family to lack the funds to bury her when she’s dead.

“Death. Black society is scared to talk about death. My coffin is 150k. Are you ready or your family is still gonna run around? I don’t want Zodwa Wabantu was famous now there’s no money to bury her,” she captioned the video.

This is a far cry from her earlier statements where she believed she is immortal.

“Guys I’m not dead. What could possibly kill me? People like me just don’t die. I’m not dead. How many times must you call me to say Zodwa is dead?

Adding, “People like me, they don’t die, they don’t just die. Look, I have no time for people who want to kill me because I am working hard for my cash. I have confirmed bookings till September, that have been paid for already. Why would I just die?” Posted Wabantu.


Here is a video of Zodwa trying out the coffins for comfort and size.

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Here are the photos of Zodwa shopping for a coffin.

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