Timmy Tdat & Kush Tracey
Timmy Tdat & Kush Tracey

Kush Tracy, ex-girlfriend to rapper Timmy Tdat, is giving city women advice on men. The rapper says lasses who stick to the man that treats them like shit don’t realize that he doesn’t make them any better.

This comes months after she and the Dus Nyau hitmaker parted ways in a nasty, public break up.

Timmy was then rumoured to be dating singer Dela, but the two have since denied the claims… Even after a video of the pair lip-locking in an elevator went viral.

Kush Tracey Timmy Dat

‘Forget Beyonce, Dela Ndio Dem Mbaya Saa Hii,’ Timmy Tdat

From Kush Tracy’s post, fans are not sure whether she has moved on or nah!

Kush posted:

She added;

“Here to help,know your worth and don’t ever settle for less aye,💪
#wcws❤️you gotta go gotta leave watu wa left👉✌💪.”

Kush and Timmy released a collabo, Ndulu, one that took the charts by storm.

EXCLUSIVE: Is Rapper Kush Tracy Dating A Married Pastor? Timmy Tdat Vuta Stool

However, Kush was recently accused of dating a married pastor who allegedly bought her the brand new car she’s using, claims she denied:

“Mimi na pastor tunapelekana wapi? I’ve heard this storo from December ndio ilianza. I bought my car January last year. Sasa how can an idiot claim to have bought me a car and engage me?” she asked.”