Kiswahili and English are two different things. I mean the two are like water and diesel.

Tell you what though?

This Diamond Platnumz guy can tweng… You might think he is one black American guy till you listen keenly to what he says.

Let me first agree with you that if its money, this guy has it, but the guy may need a lot of help constructing English sentences.

He might be one of the people who say English sailed into the shores of East Africa.

Back then, Diamond’s grasp of the queen’s language was very choppy. Now, he has mastered it.

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Here are examples from back when Diamond was starting out.

Number One;

diamond enlish


Number Two;

diamond post 1

Number Three;

diamond post

Number Four;

diamond platnumz 5

Number Five;

diamond post 0

UKWELI MTUPU! Diamond Platnumz Finally Reveals Why He’s Always Making Embarrassing Grammatical Mistakes

Number Six

diamond platnumz post

Number Seven

diamond postt

Number Eight

diamond plat

Remember when you said;

‘ I only knows people who loves me…?”

The video of that interview he deleted from his Instagram.

Wacha mihadarati! Mange hints that Diamond ‘hears voices in his head’