So, what’s the deal with the “unlimited streaming” you can do on Showmax? Your questions on how to stream content (the movies, series episodes, documentaries and kids’ shows in the Showmax catalogue) are answered here.

How fast does my internet need to be to use Showmax?

You should have a minimum speed of 2 megabits per second (Mbps). An uncapped 4Mbps connection or faster is recommended for the best experience.

Is there a limit to how much content I watch?

The short answer is, no!

All-you-can-eat access means that for a single monthly fee, you can stream as many shows as you like. There is no limit to how much you watch except for the amount of free time you’ve got!

What definition is the content available in?

Content is delivered via adaptive streaming up to HD (720p).

Is there a way to keep my data costs low while streaming?

Yes, several Showmax apps, including iOS, Android and Apple TV, allow you to cap your bandwidth, which will keep your data costs as low as possible.

How do I use bandwidth capping?

When you start streaming a show, go to the Settings icon and select Bandwidth Capping. Choose between Low, Medium and No Cap, depending on the video quality you’re happy with.

Low will only use about 0.3GB per hour, and the quality is fine for streaming on a small screen, such as your smartphone. It uses the least data, so is the best option for those on a data budget.

Medium uses 0.7GB an hour, and is great for use on tablets, while no cap uses a maximum of 2GB per hour, with excellent video quality.

Bandwidth capping is also available on the web player in the player settings menu.

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