Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel is one of the few gospel musicians in the country who has been able to keep a squeaky clean image.

We had an opportunity to interview the man recently and he spoke about his new song and his fellow gospel artiste DK Kwenye Beat.

DK Kwenye Beat
DK Kwenye Beat posing

Last week, the singer released a new song titled “Mercy”. He explained that the motivation for the song was, “people we all struggle with issues but God’s mercy is ever-present. Something he says we should always seek when we fall”.

Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel

The gospel star added that some of the things that he has personally struggled with was the desire to have money (which he said was natural) to that of coveting women.

He told Mpasho:

Juu ya hiyo tamaa una compromise values zako kama Christian na kama binadamu mfiti (Because of greed for such things,you compromise your values as a christian and a human being). this are general things that concern us.

Guardian revealed that he would feature DK Kwenye Beat in the song.


His reason is that the DK has experienced some of those struggles and he wanted the video to be real.

He explained that it was not easy having DK on his song but that:

“He is a wounded soldier in the body of Christ. What do we do to him? Do we kill him? Do we help him? So tumuue juu ako wounded? (So, do we kill him because he is now wounded?)

DK Kwenye Beat
The musician is in the eye of the storm

Guardian explained that although he believed DK had messed up, the correct response was to forgive him and not condemn him.

He even used the examples of Jesus Christ saving the adulterous woman from being stoned and the prodigal son as reference points for his stance on DK.

He also divulged that he knew the type of man that DK was (they fellowship at the same church), a man who would go on his knees to ask for forgiveness without fail.

DK Kwenye Beat
The musician in church

Although Guardian spoke about DK being in his song, the video does not feature him. What happened? Only he knows at the moment.

Check out the video interview below: