Guardian Angel says he was honoured to perform for President Uhuru during the Madaraka Day celebrations this year.

The ‘Nadeka’ hitmaker was picked days after he released a song titled ‘Kenya‘, sponsored by the Permanent Presidential Music Commission.

The PPMC is a government department whose mandate is to coordinate music and dance activities in the country and spearhead the development of mere entertainment activities into a stable industry.

Guardian says ‘Kenya’ is meant to remind his fellow countrymen that God loves Kenya, despite the many challenges it is facing.’

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Speaking to Word Is yesterday, Guardian said he got an opportunity to shake hands with the President for the first time.

“If I got a chance to talk to the President, I would only ask him to find a better way that we artistes can get royalties at the right time and in the right way,” he said.

Guardian Angel

Weeks ago, artistes took to social media to criticise the Kenya Copyright Board and Music Copyright Society of Kenya for paying peanuts against their hard work.

Guardian Angel said the explanation given by MCSK is that artistes should appreciate they got something over a long period.

“It was the general revenue they had collected that they got to distribute to us,” he said.

Guardian Angel is one of the artistes who have managed to stay away from controversy. He says he always put out what people want to see and not what is not necessary.

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