Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel

Like his name suggest, gospel singer Guardian Angel is protected by one.

His new song Hadithi is based on a true story. Yes, it is true, he would have been dead were it not for providence and favour from the good Lord.

The events took place when his family was homeless. His mother could not afford rent and the family moved in with a friend.

The friend got tired of hosting them and planned to poison him. However, she ended up killing her own child.

The song advises people to always do good.

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During an interview with Chito Ndhlovu on Kiss FM, Guardian Angel said, “When her child died, I felt very sad because we were good friends with the child. Later on, I came to learn that I was the target after she shared the story with her friends. When my mother found out we just walked out.

“As a family, we did not celebrate of course because the child was innocent and she did not deserve to die.

Guardian’s family is no longer in touch with the woman.

“It was [all] God. He gave me a chance and protected me. Actually…that day my mum gave me a thorough beating because I came home late from school. Kumbe hii kuja late is what saved me. We no longer talk with the woman.”

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Guardian Angel in another interview revealed that he lived on the streets after life with his mother became too hard.

“Vile walienda matanga, tulikua tushahama na mabeshte wengine pia wa matha. When mum came back, we rented a single room house na tukaanza kuishi huko. We only had a bedsheet, a stove and a sufuria. Life was still very hard there because my mother was jobless and she had to raise money for rent.”Guardian Angel

He continued, “Vile niliona mathe anateseka tena juu yangu hana food, hana rent, nikajitoa and I went back to the street, manze ikakua promotion from being a street child back in shags to being a street child in the city. I would spend my night at the Jeevanjee Gargens. I was ten years then.”

Adding, “Those were some of the days when we could hear of cases street children wameuliwa and such. I mean it was so tough to be in the street. I stayed in the streets for one and a half years, my mother thought I was actually dead coz hatukuwai onana since then. Alikua anaenda tu kucheki mahali ameskia mtoi ameuliwa, akipata si mimi anarudi.”

Now, Guardian is an award-winning gospel star whose’s future in the music industry is rising higher and higher.

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