Jose And Maina

Who thought Classic 105’s popular radio presenter Maina Kageni could be moved to tears by a fellow man?

Well, it turns out that Jose Chameleon made Maina Kageni shed tears during the recently concluded Koroga Festival music performance at Nairobi Arboretum Park.

Jose Chameleon was the main act and Maina Kageni was taken aback when the Ugandan sensation showed off his talent and skills in playing the saxophone.

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Maina Kageni is very fond of Chameleon and is one of the biggest fans of the Wale Wale singer, but it happens that he has never realised that Jose Chameleon can actually play the saxophone.

We all know Maina Kageni is a lover of good, classical music and Jazz, but it never occurred to him that one of his closest friends in the East African music industry knew how to play the amazing instruments.

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