Kenyan men and specifically Wakanai the biggest fan of Classic 105 are not impressed after Maina Kageni leaked their secret.

Maina who is known to his fans as ‘Mama County’ revealed that most men who confess to being arrested over the weekend are just lying.

‘Your men collude with these policemen to dupe you.

A policeman will call you and ask you to come pick your man, Your man. He will come out looking all shaggy, with one shoe and no belt.

The policeman will insist that they arrested your husband on Friday yet he reached the station two hours before you.

Wakanai was not impressed by Maina and he called him out asking him to support men once in a while.

‘This n*ggas will never learn,’ Maina Kageni on Esther Arunga saga

He then went on to urge Maina Kageni to get married even if for weeks just so that he can understand what men go through in relationships.

Stop acting like a woman, Maina, and behave like a man sometimes.

Grow up and be a man for a day, How can you ask that yet you know how men have many problems over the weekend.


Now you want my wife to be looking at me and think ‘he is being arrested way too much?’

Get married for one week to understand our struggles.

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