DJ Soxxy has become a favorite on our TV screens from his days at Citizen till now at K24. He always cracks us up with his jokes about being a skinny guy but behind the ever bubbly Soxxy, there is a story behind his success.

DJ Soxxy

Jackson Kamau, DJ Soxxy was born in what we would call a dysfunctional home. A home where he enjoyed being in a boarding school more than coming home to a father who drinks and then decides to lash out on his mother with punches and slaps.

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He narrates the story almost in tears saying that even when he slept, he was half awake because he felt it was his duty to protect his mother and the slightest noise would make him jump out of bed to go check on his mother.


The worst case scenario was when he came home for the holidays and his dad came home drunk as usual and decided to hit his mum hard to a point she bled and all DJ Soxxy could hear were screams so he decided that was the day and he would stand up to his father. He explains that moment with bitterness saying he knew it was going down, he contemplated doing something bad to him but he just let it slide. The image of his mum bleeding will forever be in his mind even if he is on better terms with his father now.

one night he hit my mum to a point she bled and i was like no way! today i will stand up to him and i even remember contemplating doing the worst to him

It took Soxxy’s dad a liver complication to change. He was diagnosed with a liver problem that forced him to reduce his alcohol intake and of course his abusive nature reduced. Soxxy says he did not stop being the military kind of dad but he reduced.

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DJ Soxxy hated his dad but he finally moved out and started a family but right before he decided to get married, he went to his dad and told him he is seeking a certain ladies hand in marriage and their relationship after that changed.