Patrick Igunza

Life is not easy. You have to hustle your way up. Nothing comes on a silver platter. It doesn’t matter where you came from, the most important thing is to work hard and achieve your goals. Well, Citizen TV’s business reporter Patrick Igunza had shocked many after he exclusively narrated to Edaily his life experience. It wasn’t easy. He wasn’t born a rich kid like many media personalities we know of.

Born and bred in Kibera slums, Igunza is a last born in the family of seven and he has really worked hard to get to where he is now. In the interview, the versatile reporter revealed that he grew up with dreams of becoming a hip hop artiste but due to lack of time, he decided to stop and he still hopes that one day he will make this dream come true.

“I tried to nurture that talent in high school. Because of the hard nature of life shortly after high school, most of my time I spent doing odd jobs in the neighbourhoods in Karen, I got disoriented in pursuit of my talent. My music talent, nonetheless still exists. I believe one day, even if it is not for money, I will record a hip-hop hit.”

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He further went ahead to narrate the most shocking story about his life. He told a story about a time he became a matatu tout. With the challenges matatu crew go through on a daily basis, you can imagine how it was for him.

“I remember me and a group of friends – about four of us – would go and become touts between Thika, Kithimani and Matuu. We would do what they referred to as ‘squads’ and then get some money.

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“Friends of mine had girlfriends and the ladies too needed fare to go home – you can imagine doing one or two days and the earnings are given to ladies first. That is how we learnt to hustle,” Narrated Patrick Igunza.

He is a loving husband and father.