You know her as Kawira from Citizen TV’s Papa Shirandula, but her real name is Joy Karambu.

She is the lady who leaves you in stitches whenever she appears on the screen thanks to her rib-cracking jokes.

Kawira, who got married last year to her longtime boyfriend Ephantus Wahome, is living proof that acting does pay.

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Well, here are five facts you didn’t know about actress Kawira

  1. Religious

Kawira is a religious woman. She is always posting photos of her and her husband in church, as well as posters of church ministries on social media. Unlike many celebrities who abandon their faith after the fame and money, Kawira has remained true to hers just like her colleague Naliaka (Papa Shirandula’s “daughter”).

2. Humble and Simple

Most celebrities become proud and arrogant after “making it” in life. They trend for all the wrong reasons, and some end up losing what they have due to arrogance. Kawira is different; she is down to earth compared to her counterparts who thrive on controversy. The God fearing lady is among the few celebrities who have managed to keep their private lives under wraps.

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3. Loving wife

This is evident from her different social media accounts. She is always posting photos of her husband accompanied by love messages, and this is a clear indication that Kawira is besotted with her man.

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4. Passionate

Kawira is among the few celebrities who are very passionate about their job. She always leaves us in stitches whenever she is on set and those who watch Papa Shirandula can attest to this. Kawira has never let fame and fortune get to her head.