Dandora rapists killed

Six armed robbers were shot dead by police after robbing a boda-boda and raping a female passenger in Dandora, Nairobi.

Motorbike which was carrying the woman sho was raped by the fallen 6 thugs

According to Buru Buru OCPD Geoffrey Mayek, the incident occurred today morning at 2:30 am when six armed men attacked a boda boda rider and his passenger whom they robbed property and cash before gang rape the woman.

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Hessy took to the Nairobi Crime Facebook page to share the GORY photos from the scene. He wrote a message explaining what transpired and said that the lady who was raped in a critical condition and is receiving treatment at a local hospital. He also revealed that the gang has been terrorizing city residents and was wanted by the police.

Six(6) gangsters shot dead at #Kifarage the route connecting #Dandora and #Mwiki. Waliteka nyara mtu wa nduthi uko #Lucksummer akiwa na mteja wa kike, tied the motorbike operator then raped the lady in turns then managed to escape towards Dandora without the knowledge, the motorbike had a tracking device. Hapo ndio #WalijuaHawajui. The raped lady is undergoing treatment and in critical condition. This is one area that has been giving us headache, its a well known place for harbouring dangerous criminals who normally terrorize innocent people within Dandora and Kasarani. Leo wamepata kile walikuwa wanatafta. 

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Dandora gangsters

Dandora gangsters

Reactions from Kenyans include:

Alex Luther Hawa juzi si walipiga koto animal orphanage wakaiba monkey mbili na mayai za ostrich zenye walikua wameitishwa na mganga wao lakni inaonekana hazikufanya kazi… form ni kureform hakuna otherwise

Mary Akinyi You can’t rape an innocent woman and go away with it, stupid maggots… Good work Hessy

Urbanus Kimondiu Shule zimefungwa Hessy u should know that most of the gang membesr are students. So advice them not to join these notorious gangs

Kennedy Origi Copper itembee.

Mercy Mwangi So they had to rape that poor woman!heartless beasts may they rot in hell their 40 days are over

Ben Thairu Na bado tuko kwenye introduction kivumbi bando, congratulations for the quick response

Hellen Ongoro Nani watoto kweli,haki hawa watoto wanafanyianga wazazi mini haki

Lawrence Nyangaresi Obare If u rattle a snake expect to b bitten walijaribu kuingiza kidole kwa saidongi ya porcupine ati imelala ona sasa matokeo

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Lenny Natty This is very sad that these crooks have nothing better and constructive to do other than terrorizing and gang-raping innocent citizens,,,how will that lady live with the bad memories,,,I feel like killing them again it pains esp the rape part!