After eight months of delays, a case against five employees of St Augustine Preparatory School, including the school principal, over the death of a nursery pupil kicked off.

Jeremy Masila died in July last year when he was crashed by the school bus after he tried to retrieve his bag, which had fallen through a hole on the floor of the vehicle.

His grandmother, Shali Masila, recalled how she found her grandson’s body at the Coast General Hospital mortuary.

She told judge Dora Chepkwony her grandson’s head was “flattened like a chapati, but the other part of the body was intact.

“He still had his uniform although full of blood with one rubber shoe. But his head was totally crashed,”said Shali amid tears.

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The grandmother said on that fatefully day the school bus arrived late with 30 minutes to pick the deceased and his sister and no explanation was given.

However,it is while at the Tudor pastoral center where she had gone to see off her friends that she received a distress call from the school’s former driver.

She said the former driver asked her to rush to Sabasaba area as Jeremy had been involved in an accident and he had died on the spot.

“I screamed,i could not believe my grandson whom I had prepared for school in the morning was dead,” she said.

Shali said she rushed to the school where she was received with consolation messages from parents, who had already gathered at the school compound.

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She said no one at the school offered her any explanation of what was happening until when her husband and children arrived after she called them in.

“It dawn to me that Jeremy was no more when I saw his class teacher crying and run away after seeing me,”she said.

Shali said the only memory of the painful death of her grandchild was his bloodied clothes.
The grandfather, Francis Kasinga told the court the killer bus had a gaping hole on the floor of the left side of the bus.

He said he was in Bamburi when he was called in by his wife after the tragedy.

“The headmistress just said Jeremy had left us, he fall from the bus through a hole and we have taken him to Coast general hospital,” She recalled.

The hearing continues.

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