MC Jessy
MC Jessy before and after the moolah

Veteran Kenyan comedian MC Jessy is celebrating his spiritual dad Pastor David on Father’s day.

The comedian, whose real name is Jasper Muthomi, was orphaned at a young age and has always shared his touching life experience.

MC Jessy

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In a video shared on his social media accounts, MC Jessy praises his grandfather and spiritual dad for being there for him and modeling him into a great man in the society.

When I was growing up I didn’t have an opportunity to grow up with a father. My grandfather became my father he sort of adopted me because we didn’t have any.

But when I came to Nairobi I saw a different world, where no one cares about anyone else.

So what happened is that that time I started going to church and the preacher pastor David was talking things I had never heard in my life. He is the man that helped me so much.

There’s a time he invited me to do comedy in church and no one was laughing at my jokes apart from him. I even joined the church choir and whenever I felt low, I would go to my spiritual father, pastor David, for counseling.

He became this father and I want to appreciate him so much. He is the man I want to celebrate and honor today because what elder can see while seated down, young men cannot even see from the top of a mountain. That’s my story.

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The comedian-cum-MC’s story touched many and below are some of the comments;

mourinehmnk Since 2004 we never stayed with our dad. It was very hectic for my mom to raise us after our Dad chased us away because of asking for school fees ..but thanks be to God there is this man who was our neighbor who really saw what we were all going through he decided to adopt us and till death took him …will always appreciate him till we meet again ..he is my hero …I can’t explain all he did but God in heaven knows all ..Mr Otieno you’re still in our hearts.

josephinewanjikukaranja #IseeYouBaba I celebrate my dear Dad Joseph Karanja Macharia though you were a DDO (daily drinking officer) you raised the eleven of us, now we are a family of seven beautiful girls and handsome men, congrats baba😍😍😍

pamarah so inspiring bro keep going mentor vijana na youth

paskagiyo Wow nice inspiration ❤️🔥 you will prosper in Jesus name amen…

pa_tricia So inspiring.

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