There is this assumption that most Kenyan artistes are illiterate. Most people assumed that education was not important but that is not the case.

Below is a list of how different celebs performed in their KCSE.

Fena Gitu

Kenya’s most sought-after female rappers, Fena Gitu, studied at Precious Blood Riruta.

Speaking to Betty Kyallo, the sensational singer revealed that she scored A- in K.C.S.E, however, she still regrets for not scoring an A.

“Nilipata A-, hadi leo nikona uchungu sikuget A. Niko na uchungu nilifail,” she explained.

Fena Gitu

She further disclosed that she was a smart kid and really wanted to become an astronaut.

“Becoming an astronaut was my first big dream but then again I wanted to be a pilot. But I was not good in Math, Geography and Physics.”

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The former University of Nairobi Alumni studied for a Bachelor of Science degree and majored in Mathematics.

At the time she was graduating UON was a high entry university so we believe Wahu might be an A or B material.

Wahu Kagwi

Creme de la Creme

George Njuguna aka Dj Crème was index one in primary school, scored an A- in KCSE and graduated with a second-upper division Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from Kabarak University.

 Tina Kaggia

Former radio presenter and Ex wife to JB Masanduku and Tina scored a C+.



Hubert Nakitare also known as Nonini scored a C+, he studied his secondary education at Kawethi Secondary school.

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Jua Cali

Believe it or not Jua Cali scored a clean  B+. The celebrated artiste is known for songs such as ‘Kwaheri’ among others.

He attended Jamuhuri High School.

 JB Masanduku

Kenyan comedian JB Masanduku is not only witty but also book smart. He scored an A in his KCSE exam.

JB Masanduku.

King Kaka

The father of two was among the top KCSE students in 2006. An alumnus of Eastleigh High School, Rabbit scored an A- in the exams.

He later joined Kenya College of Accounts where he graduated with a degree in accounts.

King Kaka

Sanaipei Tande

The curvaceous damsel is a definion of both beauty and brains. During her KCSE era she scored a cool B plain.

Sanaipei Tande

What did you score ama bora uhai?

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