Grace Msalame the pretty, sexy, curvaceous woman that we all know now was once skinny AF.

Yes, this beautiful woman in her teen years was not as voluptuous.

grace msalame 2

Check out her legs, this is a message to all chicks with thin legs, there’s still hope LOL!!!

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Here are other photos of the media personality when she was starting out looking like a shnark.

grace msalame


A while back, a troll body-shamed her for embracing her curves.

Here is what Grace Msalame told her.

Grace Msalame’s response to a troll who body-shamed her.

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Look at how she looks now.

Grace Msalame Grace Msalame

Grace Msalame
A file photo of Grace
Grace Msalame
The curvy T.V personality in a red dress

Grace Msalame

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