It’s breastfeeding week and different Kenyans and media personalities among them Grace Msalame have shared their experiences.

Grace who is currently expectant with her third child shared about how nervous she was to breastfeed as a first-time mum.

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Taking to her social media she penned,

‘In honor of breastfeeding week 01-07 August!

I remember how nervous I was at first, I thought it would be an instantaneous natural act for both Mommy & baby, only to realize that baby has to learn how to latch & mommy has to get used to the new normal.

It’s a whole science figuring out what works for you to increase your flow.

I’m looking forward to beginning this journey again, still nervous with the same concerns like will I have enough flow, will he have trouble latching, will I manage exclusivity…

Yet still all in all thrilled & feel very blessed to be given a chance to experience this again, a little older & wiser & a much calmer mother(well I hope😁)with a little experience this time… 9yrs later!’

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She further went on to advise upcoming mums to take things easy as things will take their own course in due time.

‘Breastfeeding looks so effortless & such a beautiful bonding moment with baby which you only learn post, is a journey to get to that point…

So to Mums to be, especially first time mom’s because no one really told me this…

Take it a day at a time, be patient with it & with time it will become those things;- effortless & treasured mommy & baby bonding time♥️& the best part is all the necessary goodness this does for baby’s physical & emotional health!

That keeps you going on days when you’re running low on supply.

Try & get sufficient rest, eat well, express if you can & it’s a plus if you have a good support system- that really goes a long way🙏🏾

It takes a village!’

What was your first experience as a breastfeeding mum?

Below are some photos of her twins then and now.

Grace Msalame

Grace Msalame twins
Grace Msalame twins


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