Grace Msalame 1

Grace Msalame first shot to the limelight when she hosted a KTN show called Straight Up. She however left to pursue greener pastures at Kiss TV and she prospered there. But as they say, all good things come to an end.

She left to work at an NGO and life seems rosy. BUT what we do know about her is her rather public parenting journey. She has twin daughters and the father of the children is also a rather high profile figure by the name Paul Ndichu.

The two have shared their journey as they strive to provide a wholesome family environment for their daughters even though they are no longer a couple. They share time with the girls both individually and together but when we broke word (and photos) of Paul Ndichu’s wedding, the question many asked was how were they going to continue co-parenting.

Grace addressed that question after she posted a video congratulating Paul on his nuptials and fans assumed she was saying she was married. That was when she realized she had to clarify the entire affair.

And what she said was revealed why her co-parenting arrangement has been so successful:

“I’m not married thanks??I’m not even in that video! Read the caption well! our kids were at their Daddies for the weekend?it’s called Co-Parenting! Blended Families is a Grace journey only by His Grace.”