It’s early morning in Westlands and I am eagerly waiting for the day to start for me. I have been planning this for a few weeks now; the Big Interview. To be frank, I am anxious and wondering what I should ask, I do not want to do it wrong. I am about to interview the sexy, bubbly, intelligent and fashionable TV personality Grace Msalame.

GOOD LIGHT PICShe’s graced our TV screens for a while – since she was 19 – and has managed to grow to be a top manager at Kiss TV. At 29, she’s reflective of how far she’s come. As a mum of two, she’s got an interesting way of handling her stuff, which becomes evident in our talk. However, my fears are confirmed. She’s been anticipating what I would probably ask and there she goes, “if you ask the color of my panties, then just expect a no-no.” The girl handling the shoot, Sandra, bursts into laughing and I follow suit.

When growing up, Grace was the opposite of what she is now. She’s reserved, calm and collected – but she was a naughty little girl a just over a decade ago. She’s now a strong woman, the inspiring girl who in September 2014 graced the cover of True Love Magazine East Africa. This shows the important role she plays in the contemporary society in Kenya. Young girls look up to her…they admire her story. Living up to her legendary father’s legacy is no mean fete. She’s brought shine upon our lives. Her dad Tony Msalame will be forever remembered for the indelible contribution he made to the media realm in this country.

IMG_9280Grace reveals that having a purpose has kept her going. Within the first 30 seconds of the interview, I can feel her charm and wit start warming my soul, leaving me relaxed. I go on to ask her about her killer look, which leaves lasses and dudes on social media drooling.

“I’m actually at my heaviest,” she confesses about her body since she got her lovely twins. I love her outfit which she says accentuates her curves, and not because of what you think. She’s stylish and trendy, and that’s why leading fashion houses are fighting to dress her. As an ambassador for Vivo Activewear, Grace says: “I just appreciate the love and the appreciation, asante. And I just…I laugh and I’m amazed that those are their real questions,” she tells me how she feels when guys go crazy over her curves.

Her grand plan for the next five years is to excel in her field.. She plans on becoming a Top 40 Under 40 within the next five years, which she leaves up to God.

Here’s the Quickfire and keep it Mpasho for the main (part 2) of the interview: