Governor Mike Sonko does not shy away from showing off his love for his favourite pop star, Tanasha Donna.

After all she is one of the 100 people that Sonko follows.

Last night, he went all out and liked two of Tanasha’s photos and posted bold emoji comments.

The first post he liked was of Tanasha saying,


Our governor responded with a 100% emoji.

His comment attracted  over 50 curious comments from netizens.

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Sonko defended himself saying,

“Hata mimi pia huskiza mziki bana wacha za ovyo. (I too listen to music, come on! Stop being funny!)

His appreciation of Tanasha and her music did not stop there. He also posted a bomb emoji on another photo.

And yes, he defended why.

He commented, “Manze wacheni mbaya mbaya. (Guys stop the salacious talk)”

This was after people asked him kama atawezana.

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Here are the funny comments left by instagrammers and their thought on Sonko’s bold comments.

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