Governor Lonyangapuo-mpasho

Kenyans are still in shock after leaked WhatsApp messages between Governor Lonyangapuo and his lover leaked online.

Going by the messages the governor and the woman in question fell apart and she decided to leak his nudes.

An agitated governor then demanded a refund of 500K he had given her.

Leaked! Love texts between Governor Lonyangapuo and lover

Kenyan men can’t comprehend how someone can pay all that cash just for a cookie.

Below are some of their hilarious reactions by KOT.

@senje_m: Lonyangapuo paid kes 500,000 for p#ssy.
Some females have perfected the skill of enterpanuanship this much.
Those who give the cookie for love, calling each other #Chamanenyu are speechless.
Maybe those who sell theirs don’t experience heartbreaks like we do.
@Brainechild: #chamanenyu Yaani 500,000 k/sh for p***. I’ve known exactly that p***y runs the world.
Corona virus kando.Yaani a whole governor gives half of his salary just for sex. Kuna watu wanacheza na pesa.
@kicheq: Gafana Lonyangapuo paid 500k for close contact instead of social distancing for free #chamanenyu.
@JosephKimogele: I think if you buy sex you have a deep inferiority that you can’t enjoy intimacy just as you are…Even if I can afford to pay 500k I will hit feeling low of myself, no judgement to those who do they have their reasons.
@senje_m: Makes sense one person needed money and the other wanted sex so it was an exchange program… Though, love fades at some point.
Don’t lovers fight then reconcile? Real love can be bumpy, just doesn’t turn out as ugly.
Men, how much would you be willing  to pay for sex?