received salacious texts between Governor Lonyangapuo and an unidentified city babe.

She is only identified in the texts as Chamanenyu.

In the texts, the mheshimiwa was asking her when he was going to let her taste his chuma ya doshi.

But since the texts went viral mheshimiwa is now said to be threatening his lover.

In one text, he writes,

I promise you that, that was your last post in that group. Good night.

In another text, he demanded that the lover should sent back his half a million Kenyan shillings in which the woman tells him to give back her ‘cookie’ within five hours.

second, send me back my 500k in my bank account within 12 hours wala si hivyo utajua hujui.

She replies;

Me too, send back my p**** within 5 hours kama si hivyo sahau na pesa vile ulisahau kunyonya. Si ulinit**** I have evidence.

Check out the screenshots;

Leaked! Love texts between Governor Lonyangapuo and lover