New information has emerged! After Jaguar’s Range Rover was involved in a car accident on Tuesday that killed two people on the spot, there are things that were hidden but Mpasho is now unleashing them.

Lets recognize the fact that Jaguar took to Instagram to send his condolences to the family and let his fans know about the accident.

Let’s also recognize that Jaguar made his post a day after the media knew about the story.

Back to our point. According to a witness that has been in touch with Jaguar, Peter, he tells us that the rapper was driving the car.

He had two passengers in the Range Rover Sport, an unidentified woman and a man, Saud to be his muscle.

Peter tells us that people believe the woman was the one driving because she went back to the car to take their belonging but it was Jaguar that was really drivng the car.

Peter, is the man who drove Jaguar to the Sagana Police station after the accident.

“Yes, I Have gotten in touch with jaguar…He was not Detained At the police station. After the statement, he went his way and i proceded with my journey….No, He didnt get an OB number….” Peter Told mpasho

Strange. The family members of the two who died in the accident also said they don’t have an OB number to show that the accident was recorded in the occurrence book of Sagana Police station.


Another witness who spoke to Mpasho on condition of anonymity says that a lady, whom they believe “is an aspiring Nairobi Woman’s Rep” was the one driving the Range Rover at the time of the accident.

Jaguar would then come after approximately 30 minutes to the accident scene with two more cars and went to the police to claim he was the one driving.

According to our source, the insurance of the car looked like it was tampered with. based nI the photos, the insuarance expired a day after the fateful accident.

Also, the family of the two dead motorists complained bitterly about the manner in which the car was then towed from the police station a day after the accident at 5pm.

Where it is now? Only Jaguar, the police and the woman know!

“A certain female political aspirant from Nairobi was the one driving the vehicle. Jaguar appeared 30 minutes later and went to the police to claim he was the one driving…Even as of yesterday the car was towed from the place…You cannot remove a car that has had a serious accident without investigations and doing an inspection of the vehicle.”

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The source continued;

” The insurance shows it expired on Wednesday. but it looked like it was tempered with and may have been planted after. Which is Wednesday morning.Then, how is this story not in the OB?

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So, who is this woman being protected by Jaguar and why?

Mpasho is going to give you more information as it unfolds.